F-16 Wobble wings?

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Hi Everyone

I've been going through my videos from various air shows in 2019 (I miss them). Anyhow, at Nellis I noticed the armed aggressor F-16's would have the wings wobble on hard turns! I'm used to seeing the F-16 viper demo team and of course the thunderbirds do hard turns without wing wobble. This particular aggressor F-16 had some missiles and a fuel tank. (Picture from my video attached).

Is this wobble because of an excited pilot, or because of it had weapons attached making it harder to "control"?

Thank you.
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Google "Roll Ratcheting" or read below.

https://arc.aiaa.org/doi/abs/10.2514/2. ... lCode=jgcd

Seen most often if the pilot snaps on the G's. It can normally be avoided by using a bit more finesse and blending in the G's.
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Could be airflow( was " un - sticky" and sticky again )on top sides of the wings (burbling),or pilot's having a steady hand and could readjust the aircraft bank angle.

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