I have a question about F16 flight gains and AltFlap.

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My understanding is that if you apply ALTFLAP the flight quality is somehow similar to the CATlll or TO/Landing gain (lower max AOA available - only 18 degrees - , roll rates halved) . But this AltFlap mode is working until the 400knots(CAS) speed. Now my question :if the trailing flaps aren't down at full 20 degrees for speed more than 370knots,( because they are lift up - flaps begin to rise at 240knots and end at 370knots ) the gains remains the same as CATlll or are ignored above 370knots(flaps are now fully retract in line with the wings) ? Because AltFlap is active until the 400knots. What happens at 370knots with full up flaps position (because there are not in down position anymore) but gains remains for AltFlap ?

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