RIAT2019 F 16 wing ratcheting

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7PlZUJx_8E Starting at 48 seconds in the video ,pilot make this wobble or aerodynamic or FBW?
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Interesting question! Can't tell myself if it's pilot induced, flight controls, reaction to a wind thermals or what. Interested to see what others on F-16.net have to say about it. Cool video, I was impressed with how the cameraperson kept the Falcon in frame.
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1. First takeoff and replay are two different events. 1st shows Saturday takeoff and replay shows Thursday validation/rechearsal takeoff.

The wobble you are seeing on Saturday's takeoff is I guess the fact that pilot pulled aft stick while pushing it a little to the side so it wasnt a pure aft input but an aft mixed with little roll input. The flight control computer reacted accordingly to the coupled rotation input given by the pilot. When he felt he pulled a bit off neutral he corrected his preasure adjustment on the stick. Hence wobble. Notice that on Thursday's replay from another angle there is no wobbling at all.

It's also worth to remember that the higher the AOA climbs the less the longitudal stability capacity is thus the aircraft is more prone to unauthorised yaw movements.

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