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This is my first post on this forum, although I've been reading for a while. I have a question:

Where does the equipment usually contained in the dorsal spine go on single seat F-16s? Like, for example, imagine two identical Block 52s, one C and one D. Where does the equipment go in the C? Or do the spines only contain equipment needed on two seat aircraft?

I've thought about this for a long time and finally decided to ask!



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Question of space really, so in the single seater you get the space taken up by the back seat driver and all that equipment you don't need :) back. So the single seater has more fuel because it can go in that space and any left over space could be used potentially for avionics.
This isn't to say that it is entirely possible to fit everything a country might have in a spine into a basic single seater - might be more a case of it depends.

Currently only foreign operators have F-16s with spines and so specifics are a tad hard to come by - the equipment may differ significantly.


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The Israeli F-16I dorsal spine also houses additional chaff & flare dispensers, SATCOM antennae, DIRCM, as well as Israel-specific Wild Weasel avionics and the aircraft’s in-flight refueling receptacle.
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