F16 A block 10 speed start to decay in shallow turn

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At what G 's numbers, in a level turn, in a specific F16 A block 10 speed start to decay under 10.000 feet? Not hard turn but increase in G' s turn.Starting at 450knots calibrated airspeed.
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Unread post06 Feb 2019, 17:15

An E-M diagram (doghouse plot) will show you this information. The Ps=0 curve shows maximum sustained turn radius and g-load at a given altitude and aircraft configuration. Exceed that rate/load and the aircraft will begin to lose kinetic energy at the rate indicated by the diagram.

F-16A E-M diagrams are publicly available.


For 450 KCAS at 5000 ft, Ps=0 is right about 8g. Additional fuel or ordnance will obviously degrade this considerably.
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