upgrade 4+/++ flota de F-16 de la fuerza aérea de Chile

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hola amigos, quisiera comentar y opinar sobre el anuncio de la revista Janes que habla del upgrade 4+/++, de la flota de 46 F-16 de la fuerza aérea de Chile

Hello friends, I would like to comment and comment on the announcement of the magazine Janes that talks about the improvement 4 + / ++ of the fleet 46 F-16 of the Chilean air force

https://www.infodefensa.com/latam/2017/ ... flota.html
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The Chilean Air Force (FACh) is currently studying the existing alternatives to upgrade the fleet of 46 F-16 aircraft.
The project would be carried out between 2018 and 2021, and its main goal is to adapt the FAChs of the FACh with a new electronic mission package, which includes the new active electronic scanning radar (AESA). On the other hand, it could also include a new mission planning and management system, a system of electronic countermeasures (ECM), electronic support measures (ESM) that allow to quickly determine the presence of objects and their identification; and improvements in the cabin.
Military sources consulted by Jane's magazine in Santiago said that any program could become a priority. According to what was published, the project would also be studying the option of increasing the number of Block 50 aircraft, adding six to eight aircraft to ...


https://www.janes.com/article/79597/us- ... 16-upgrade

The Chilean Air Force is looking again at putting some of its 46 Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters through a service life extension programme (SLEP), local military sources have told Jane’s .

The SLEP, which would incorporate upgrades to avionics and weapons sourced from Israel, would free the aircraft from end-user controls and limitations set by the United States under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) system.

According to the sources, the deployment of F-16s armed with AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAMs) to provide security over Santiago City during a 2013 summit between Latin American, Caribbean, and EU leaders required US authorisation.




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Chile eyes F-16 upgrades, new AESA radars
Jose Higuera - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
02 November 2017

The Chilean Air Force is studying options for upgrading its fleet of 46 F-16 fighters to keep the aircraft up-to-date through the 2030s, and any resulting programme would become the service's top priority, senior military sources in Santiago told Jane’s .

The plan, set to be launched between 2018 and 2021, aims to fit Chile’s F-16s with a new mission electronics package built around a synthetic aperture, active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar. A new mission planning and management system, new Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)/Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system, and upgrades in the cockpit would also be included.

According to the sources, the studies are also considering increasing the number of Block 50 aircraft, adding six to eight to the current fleet of 10 Block 50s; and how many of the 36 mid-life upgrade second-hand aircraft bought from the Netherlands would be upgraded.
------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ----------------------------- ------------------

Chile contempla mejoras F-16, nuevos radares AESA
José Higuera - IHS Jane's Defense Weekly
02 de noviembre de 2017

La Fuerza Aérea de Chile está estudiando opciones para mejorar su flota de 46 aviones F-16 para mantener el avión actualizado durante la década de 2030, y cualquier programa resultante se convertiría en la principal prioridad del servicio, dijeron fuentes militares superiores en Santiago a Jane .

El plan, que se lanzará entre 2018 y 2021, tiene como objetivo ajustar los F-16 de Chile con un nuevo paquete de electrónica de misión construido alrededor de una apertura sintética, radar activo de exploración electrónica (AESA). También se incluiría un nuevo sistema de planificación y gestión de misiones, un nuevo sistema de contramedidas electrónicas (ECM) / medidas de soporte electrónico (ESM) y mejoras en la cabina.

Según las fuentes, los estudios también están considerando aumentar el número de aviones del Bloque 50, agregando de seis a ocho a la flota actual de 10 Bloques 50; y cuántos de los 36 aviones de segunda mano mejorados de mediana edad comprados en los Países Bajos se actualizarían.

https://www.janes.com/article/75410/chi ... esa-radars

la nota habla de upgrade 4+/++ a todos los block 50 M5.2 y estudio de factibilidad a los MLU M4.3 tape, y adquirir mas block 50
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