horizontal stabilizer position before trim check

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Hi everybody,
could anybody tell me why horizontal tail must stay between .250 inch and 2.750 inch down from marking when flight control self test stop, all surfaces at neutral position right before trim check.
Because the only reference is on my crew chief workcards. Nothing in the FI.
You can find other references on horizontal tail rigging ( 1-3/8 ----1-5/8 inches down from marking)
So first, why such a difference between both references? Second, why especially down from marking (safety reasons cause down from marking means a nose up position)? And third does that means other stuff than a wrong rigging when tails are not within limits? Like broken, worning out parts like bearing or tail axle?

Thanks for your answer cause a big "shortcut" from our repair team when I found out tails out of limits was: " Was the self test good?.....yes? so is your aircraft"

And at last did anyone of you ever ground an F16 during a launch because of this?

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