Walkaround Inspection Documentation

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Ive been on 16s bout a year, was retrained from another airframe. My question is why do people write up intake inspections for a Walkaround? You dont enter the intake, its just a visual, so why is it written up? its not a special inspection and you dont need to be certified since you are not jumping the intake


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That use to be only on specific bases. Basically a FOD check. Why? People tend to put things on the intake lip. Like pushing on the exhaust (even tho you shouldn't) people just do it without thinking.




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Does your WAI/First Flight of Day Workcards have a Warning to Avoid Contact with Ice Detector Probe prior to the step of Inspecting the Intake? If so, then one would think that the Warning is there because you need to jump the Intake and then document accordingly.

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