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This Air Force Magazine article on F-15C and F-16 life extensions is detailed. 300 F-16s will have their life extended for sure as part of a small business set aside contract. Ideally all 300 would get AESA radars although that is not funded yet. F-15C life extensions are more speculative and the air superiority Eagle may have to be pulled out of service entirely. A lot of the Eagle upgrades are being procured for the F-15E and could also be applied to the F-15C if the single role model is kept. There are also comments about the ability of pilot training to absorb new F-35s.

http://www.airforcemag.com/MagazineArch ... k_SLEP.pdf


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"Boeing is still conducting a durability test on the F-15. The fleet is at about the 10,000-hour mark..."

Wow, rather sobering statistic-

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