Any one know this stuff?

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I'm curious what it is and how did it works
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It is an air freshener dispenser. :mrgreen:

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This is an electromagnetic sensor to sense the position of the helmet when the pilot wears a JHMCS helmet.
The JHMCS has a sensor inside the display unit on top of the helmet that the sensor in the picture is connected to. In unison those those two components help the MMC determine which way the pilot is looking so that the correct symbology can be displayed in the visor.

Once the pilot starts up the jet and powers on the JHMCS system he will need to perform a quick system calibration to align the system. Once he enables the calibration, he will have one X in the HUD and one X in the visor. He will then do a course alignment by aligning the two X's and pressing the Z-axis on the curser (on the throttle). Then he will do fine alignment by first slewing the X's up/down and sideways, followed by an alignment of the roll axis.
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