Non-AMRAAM F-16C/D export operators?

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Unread post13 Mar 2020, 08:52

Are there any export users of the F-16C/D that don't have AMRAAMs in their inventory?


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Unread post13 Mar 2020, 09:08

Venezuela, Egypt, Iraq, Taiwan. Maybe Colombia, maybe Philippines


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viper187 wrote:Are there any export users of the F-16C/D that don't have AMRAAMs in their inventory?

Egypt and Iraq only for c/d - they use AIM-7 instead.

Taiwan have AMRAAM and Venezuela likely doesnt - both have AB models really.


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Amraam users comprises the following countries of which those marked with * are or to be f-16 users (to be includes Bulgaria).

Chile*, Qatar, Bahrain*, Oman*, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco*, Jordan*, Israel*, UAE*, Singapore*, Malaysia, Taiwan*, Australia, Japan, Indonesia*, Pakistan*, Thailand*, Korea*, Portugal*, Italy* (used to lease F-16s), Hungary, Greece*, Germany, Czech, Belgium*, Spain, Belgium*, Spain, Slovakia*, Romania*, Switzerland, Finland, UK, Poland*, Denmark*, Netherland* Norway*, Turkey*, Sweden, Canada, USA* and Bulgaria*.

F-16 users who do not operate the AMRAAM: Egypt (AIM-7M), Venezuela (AIM-9L), Iraq (AIM-7P).

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