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Weapon Prices - Cost per unit

Unread postPosted: 26 Aug 2004, 17:24
by elp
Here are some of your favorites and what they cost per unit...

  • WCMD Kit: $16,379.00
    JDAM KIT: $19,960.00
  • CBU-103 (CBU-87 w/ WCMD): $30,153.35
  • CBU-97 (SFW): $354,837.00
  • CBU-105 (CBU-97 w/ WCMD): $371,216.00
  • BDU-33D/B 25 LB: $23.05
  • BDU-50A/B 500 LB GP BOMB: $752.43
  • BDU-56/B INERT 2000 LB GP BOMB: $2,008.36
  • 2000 LB BLU-109(D-1)/B INERT: $14,679.72
Dumb Iron Warheads
  • MK-82: $1,881.52
  • MK-83 (find it hard to believe a Mk83 costs more than a 84... Would like to see the USN price as they use them the most) ( note USN iron require special fire resistant coating ): $5,848.17
  • MK-84: $5,663.33
  • M-117: $997.26
  • BLU-109/B: $14,679.72
Other Fin assemblys ( many... only included my favs )
  • BSU-49: $989.56
  • BSU-50: $1,558.00
Don't know which ones do what so I didn't list them here. :lol:

Unguided Bombs
  • MK-82 LOW DRAG: $2,293.49
  • MK-84 HIGH DRAG: $8,005.80
  • MK-84 LOW DRAG: $6,227.56
  • BLU-109: $17,534.81
Guided Bombs
  • GBU-10 (BLU-109): $32,401.53
  • GBU-12 (INERT TRAINING):$15,435.00
  • GBU-12: $17,811.21
  • GBU-15 TV (MK-84): $207,378.33
  • GBU-15 IR (MK-84): $119,098.33
  • GBU-15 IR (BLU-109): $224,072.05
  • GBU-24A/B (BLU-109): $74,803.87
  • GBU-27: $69,735.76
  • GBU-28A/B: $132,848.57
  • GBU-31(V)1/B JDAM (MK-84): $27,509.56
  • GBU-31(V)3/B JDAM (BLU-109): $37,670.02
Missiles A2G
  • --- See the Maverick Link for Mav prices
  • AGM-84 HARPOON: $425,478.57
  • AGM-86C BLK I CALCM: $400,000.00
  • AGM-86C BLK IA CALCM: $400,000.00
( I question the CALCM prices as these were converts from 1,000,000 + nuke birds. $400k would be the conversion price and NOT the original price for the nuke bird??? Plus extra money spent to refirb them from sitting in the alert areas exposed to the elements in the old SAC days ) CALCMs had an order on them later to be launched over water only because a number of them them failed and they did't want pieces of them recovered by the enemy. CALCM was a tire patch idea that became useful, but it did cost money and those birds did suffer from standing alert in SAC for years. )
  • AGM-88C HARM: $240,784.14
  • AGM-142A HAVE NAP: $867,282.46
  • AGM-142CHN HAVE NAP: $676,480.32
  • AGM-154/A JSOW: $280,310.80
  • AGM-154/B JSOW: $477,850.00
Missiles A2A
  • AIM-7M AUR: $185,016.43
  • AIM-9M AUR: $45,695.87
  • AIM-120A BLOCK II AMRAAM: $1,096,873.60
  • AIM-120B AMRAAM: $629,000.00
  • AIM-120C AMRAAM: $481,000.00

Unread postPosted: 26 Aug 2004, 17:49
by lamoey
Whats the blue book (trade) value on some of this kit.

I bet the owners of the AIM-120A feels a tad miffied seing the new and improved C model go for so much less.

Unread postPosted: 28 Aug 2004, 01:35
by chickenlegs
Why don't we just put up a reward for a target. At those costs it would be cheaper! :D I guess we're just not buying in big enough bulk to get better prices............. Who knows, might be selling at a Walmart near you! :D

Unread postPosted: 28 Aug 2004, 16:06
A lot of those costs are driven by development and may or may not be viewed as true "off the shelf" costs. I'm sure subsequent shipments of GBU-24 keep getting cheaper.

Still pretty pricey though.

Unread postPosted: 29 Aug 2004, 01:04
by elp
Also the other costs...

Tanker refueling, and other support aircraft, helping a package of aircraft going after 1 or two fixed targets, using limited or no PGMs show up over the target and it is obscured and they go home.

-Dumb iron only on jets can get rather expensive when you add up the lower accuracy, bad near all weather targeting performance etc ( sorties per target ) vs a few aircraft that can hit multiple targets in near any weather ( targets per sortie ) with the newer PGMs.

Unread postPosted: 29 Aug 2004, 01:22
by kneecaps
Good thing pilots dont get charged for missing the target or jettisoning stuff :D

I once heard a Phoenix costs around a million bucks, is that true?

Unread postPosted: 30 Aug 2004, 19:19
by Whity
The <a href="">F.A.S.</a> shows a price tag of US$ 477,131 for a Phoenix.

Unread postPosted: 30 Aug 2004, 21:33
by elp
O.T. ( nothing to do with Phoenix or even this topic directly ) FAS is good info sometimes. Just that you have to filter it every once and a while.

A number of us here could sift through that site and find wonderful first rate nuggets of info and then turn right around and find a good number of totally wrong entrys. :wink:

Unread postPosted: 08 Oct 2004, 10:46
by F-86F
Bumping this one with an entry:

Missiles A2G
  • AGM-119B Penguin: $600,000.00

Not 100% certain about the price and that price might contain some integration costs etc.