Real or no, anyway it's a story ;D

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Hi there, my Friends. :) I'd like to offer some kind of game == I'll be writing short notes & everyone could try yourself to make those notes into full-scaled story. So, 1st one..

Pennies per Soul 1st note.

They taught us mostly not how to kill bodies, but how to kill psyches. Because those ways have provided prolonged & utter terrifying effects upon opposing sides. Instead of just mourning for their fallen ones, an opposing side has to kill them with own hands. It's purely mental virus which takes its path far-far beyond battle zones through generations, makes them rotting from inside out, lose their grasp on reality (a past and a present as well). In fact, wars never been the matter of top-notch technologies, it's literally primitive schemes in comparison with other scientific problems. At 1st look, it sounds so unproven. Well, let's take bombing for example, horrible invention like carpet bombing of explosives. Seems nothing could be more cruel & that cheap as well. Doesn't it? You're perfectly wrong, my Dear Friend. Did you ever have heard about silent or dancing/crying/hysterical bombing? Hysterical babe is a bomb which provides (powered by deflagration) long-lasting noise of great decibels + there can be infrasound as well. Infantry cannot escape it indoor, outdoor, underwater or underground.
Silent bombing.....
No One from Nowhere has gone to Eternity. :)

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