Ukraine-Russia conflict

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Unread post26 Nov 2018, 01:27

Major tensions escalate as Russia seizes 3 Ukrainian naval vessels.

The vessels seized are:
Tugboat A947 Krasnoperekopsk (Prometey class)
Artillery boat U175 Berdyansk (Gurza-M class) commissioned 6 Dec 2016
Artillery boat U176 Nikopol (Gurza-M class) commissioned 1 Jul 2018

Both countries are signatories to the UN law of the sea. Convention requires that transit be notified to the owner of the territorial sea. However, the status of Crimea being owned by Russia is not recognised by Ukraine. Notifying Russian authorities of the transit would have been regarded as a recognition by Ukraine of the sovereignty of Russia over Crimea.

Russia also sent 2 Su-25 and a Ka-52. These are apparently still flying.
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Unread post26 Nov 2018, 16:07

weasel1962 wrote:
The vessels seized are:
Tugboat A947 Krasnoperekopsk (Prometey class)

Figures. They might need some extra help towing their carrier around if it ever gets repaired.

P.S. This whole situation exemplifies the problem we face with the Russians and Chinese. They will take, take, and take until someone stops them, and unfortunately no one has the impetus to take action nowadays.

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