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While the death of the four American Green Berets in Niger unleashed the passions across the Atlantic, without the rescue operation undertaken by the French forces, all elements were gathered for none of the 12 green berets and 30 soldiers who accompanied did not survive.

For many months, an intervention scenario had been put in place in the event of such an event, in coordination with the Air Force and the Special Operations Command. After more than an hour of a wave of gunfire, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and mortars, the distress call of the US-Niger Special Forces Group was relayed by Ussocom to the French command.

A Quick Response Force (QRF) immediately started. Two Mirage 2000s, kept in alert condition at Diori Hamani airport in Niamey, took off in less than thirty minutes, a minimum time to brief crews and arm the aircraft. Arrived at the scene of the attack 200 km from the Nigerian capital, near the village of Tongo Tongo, the pilots found that the entanglement of combatants made it impossible to use guided bombs like cannons.

The decision was made to opt for the tactics of intimidation experienced since Afghanistan. A courageous decision because of the proliferation of Russian-made Manpads among jihadist groups in the area. The telluric and psychological impact of the low-level crossings of French fighter planes temporarily compromised the ambush of the attackers.

But in parallel, and from the beginning of the alert, a group of action "Chimera" of the 1st RPIMA, accompanied by American operators, was sent on the spot to neutralize the group of jihadists. This QRF, supported by two Tiger combat helicopters belonging to the 4th RHFS and a Reaper drone to ensure the ISR coverage of the counter-attack, ultimately neutralized no less than 21 jihadists, whose bodies were buried nearby in respect for the Muslim tradition.

Only one hour after the arrival of the Mirage, the area was definitely secure, and two Super Puma routed from the base of Gao, in northern Mali, with on board a medical antenna COS took off to evacuate the ten wounded. A detachment of scientific investigators of the DRM, arrived with the medical team, was then able to take possession of the places and found several decisive indices which allowed, a few hours later, the arrest of several accomplices among the population from Tongo Tongo Village.
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Linking to the original article might mitigate this ridiculous translation. :roll:
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