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If you feel you absolutely must talk about cars, morality, or anything else not related to the F-16, do it here.
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Hello, i would like to introduce you to our news website, he can be pretty usefull for french citizen who life oustide of france, we discuss about technology and many other topics.

We provide an exclusive national and international press review every morning :

Revue de presse :

And french oriented news :

Actualités Françaises

And a page with real time news feed from major mainstream and alternatives news in French.

Defcon Room

Joke : do you know why France never sold any Rafale ? the answer here : ... estigation

Don't hesitate to gave your advice, there is a translator tool upper right of the site.

Happy Christmas ! :mrgreen:

Thanks a lot,





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Actual informations about political situation of Europe (France as well) can be found at . Same situation, translation tool is in right upper corner :P I highly recommend to visit for anyone who cares about what happens in the world

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