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If you feel you absolutely must talk about cars, morality, or anything else not related to the F-16, do it here.
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popcorn wrote:
Corsair1963 wrote:
popcorn wrote:POTUS hitting on fighter jocks. LOL

He always seems to find a way to insult somebody. Regardless, what side they maybe on........... :doh:

It was he wanted to go out on a date with them. :mrgreen:

He does have a thing for "beautiful" people..........(usually himself) :|
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Real flying or CGI? Maybe this will help
"When a fifth-generation fighter meets a fourth-generation fighter—the [latter] dies,”
CSAF Gen. Mark Welsh
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popcorn wrote:Real flying or CGI? Maybe this will help

The Blue Angles :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
“Active stealth” is what the ignorant nay sayers call ECM and pretend like it’s new.

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