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3 view drawing of F-16 B or D

Unread postPosted: 30 Nov 2003, 12:47
by Swede
Hi I'm building a 3D F-16B and D. I was wondering if the panel lines are any different around the forward part of the fuselage.

If anyone have a picture that showes the panel line (if they are diffent), I'd be more then happy to recieve such a picture/drawing :)


Unread postPosted: 30 Nov 2003, 19:46
by Habu
Do you have any reference books? Almost all of them have good three-views of the F-16. None more so than the Daco book, which has excellent 3-views of all versions of the F-16. But since you asked nicely....

Unread postPosted: 30 Nov 2003, 19:50
by Habu
Here ya go, I had to reduce it....

Unread postPosted: 05 Dec 2003, 11:53
by Guest
Thanks alot Habu!
I dont have any book yet. I have however detailed drawings of the F-16C (Block 40) and some less impresive drawigns of the A and B version.

This picture will take me far though.
Thanks again!

Unread postPosted: 06 Dec 2003, 08:40
by Habu
What model are you building exactly?