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Hi all,
Shameless plug...
Back in the 1990s, Repliscale released a set of sheets with generic markings in 1/72 and 1/48 for USAF aircraft. These were really useful but a bit iffy in size, and have not been available for some time.
Whilst there are a huge variety of decal sheets available nowadays, nobody has released generic sheets for USAF/ANG aircraft covering the obvious areas.
I would therefore like to introduce USAFline - a new venture which will, over time, aim to provide tail code and serial number markings in black, white and grey.
The first sheet is now available - USAFline 72-001 provides 18" markings in Gunship Grey (FS36118) mainly designed for the F-16. I have tried to provide as much content on the sheet as possible (slightly larger than A5) and include a complete set of tail code letters (18"), serial numbers (12"), year designators (from 1978-2009 although most of the early F-16s were out of service by the time tail codes switched from black to grey) and a set of wing/squadron/unit designators (e.g. FWW, FS, FW etc) as well as command designators (AFRES, AFRC and ANG).

The sheet is currently available via eBay (just search for 'USAFline') or direct (email "" or check


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