NY F-16 Charcoal Lizard

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Hi Everyone,

I've been looking all over the internet to find pictures of the New York Squadron (The 138th?) that flew the F-16 CAS Charcoal Lizard scheme operationally. Unfortunately, all I have been able to find are images of the Nellis, Hill, Shaw, and GD markings in that scheme.

Any information would be appreciated.

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I don't think the 138th TFS ever flew a lizard/Euro/charcoal scheme. They were in the early days, when they flew the block 10s tasked with FAC duties and uniquely assigned the centre mount gun pod. So had the scheme gone beyond just testing, would likely have seen it on 138th aircraft. I think mostly seen Hill and Nellis AFB although maybe some testing at Eglin.

One of the FSD aircraft, #75752, adorned with the European One camouflage scheme firing a 3.75 inch FFAR rocket. Note the aircraft is equiped with the P&W F-100PW-220 engine. [USAF photo]

USAF F-16C block 25 #83-1131 from the 422nd TES is parked on the tarmac at Hill AFB. It is sporting the 'European One' camo scheme. [Photo by Doug Slowiak]

In the late eighties a number of F-16's were painted in the 'European One' camouflage scheme and were tested as a possible replacement of the A-10. The proposed A-16 never came thrue [USAF photo]

USAF F-16B block 1 #78-0096 from the 34th TFS is parked on the tarmac at Hill AFB in the European Lizzard paint scheme applied for trial purposes. [F-16.net photo]

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