F-16I and F-16F cockpit commonality

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I am in the planning stages of a 1/32 UAE Blk60 'F' Viper project using the Tamiya Blk50 kit.I have ordered a two-seat conversion,and a Blk60 update (for Academy) from Isracast,and I have the Wolfpack Blk 60 'E' model conversion.I am hoping that this will cover the heavy conversion work for the most part.But one area I'm really not sure about is the cockpit.So for those of you that have extensive experience and knowledge of the F-16,how much difference would there be of a cockpit of a 'Sufa' vs. a UAE 'F' model do you think?

I am trying to keep the scratchbuilding to a minimum because it is so time consuming for me,(and my build time is very limited anyway) so I'm going to try to use aftermarket cockpits if I can,BUT... I do want to be as accurate as possible.Your thoughts?

If you have any info regarding the Blk 60 'F' models that is not widely known,it would be fantastic if you decided to share that info here.It will definitely be put to good use! Thanks in advance!
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