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Hi, i really need some help, i want to build a 1/32 F-16 Arctic Aggressor, the standard base used for this is the Tamiya F-16C Thunderbirds but this is really to expensive, could i get away with using the Academy 1/32 F-16 CG/CJ in has variations for the two main engine types and normal inlet plus the wide mouth inlet.

The only downfall maybe that the Academy kit represents the block 40/50 variant.

What i suppose i really need to know is what BLOCK variants where used in the arctic aggressor program ie Block 30, 32, 25, 40, CG, CJ, C, or D etc that way i will be able to accertain if my academy kit is useable or can be tweeked for minor changes.






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Danny, Lets see if I can help?

Okay, The jet that you are wanting to build is a Block 30 (MCID) largemouth intake GE powered F-16.

Best to use the 1/32 Tamiya F-16C/J kit but, You will need to swap several parts. You will need a set of light weight main landing gear, non bulged main gear doors. These are standard with the 1/32 T-Bird Tamiya kit. I completely understand the budget as the Tamiya kits are very pricy! Another thing to point out if using the Tamiya kit, The first set of fingers on the LEF "leading edge flap" is not correct for a Blk 30 There should only be two fingers...The kit has three. Also you will need to remove the bulges near the wingroots on the fuselage and last, Purchase some aftermarket Blk 30 wheels.

I myself went on a mission to locate these parts to backdate the C/J kit to a Blk 30....tough hunting!

I guess if you wanted to use the Academy kit, Due to the cost, You could! But if building it gear down. The landing gear would not be correct! Because the Academy kit only comes with the Heavy weight gear. Not saying that it wouldn't look bad. But if you plan to enter your model in a contest...The judges would pick up on this right away. Here is what I would do, Build the Academy kit, Sand the bulges off the main gear doors, Install the landing lights on the nose gear door, Find a set of Blk 30 aftermarket wheels and enjoy the build! Because in the end you will be happy with the result

I apoligize If I seem long winded :D Hope this will help you out some? Oh and by the way...Use Cross delta F-16 stiffener plates!!! These are excellent and very easy to install on the fuselage and wings and will help add detail to your build.

Best of luck to you! If there is anything else I can do to help, Lemme know!


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