1/72 Decals

Unread postPosted: 14 Oct 2003, 03:39
by jetmanf14
Hey everyone! I'm a new guy with a question. Anyone know any good places to find ANG unit 1/72 decals?

Right now I'm specifically looking for the 188th FW's decals, but may look for more.

Thanks for your time.

Unread postPosted: 16 Oct 2003, 17:29
by Guest
http://www.twobobs.net/ . Look under decals "Lets Roll 1/48th scale." They can make you a set for 1/72 scale. I have two orders in for the 138th FW, in Tulsa.

Unread postPosted: 17 Oct 2003, 04:17
by habu2
Two Bobs only did the 188 FW sheet in 1:48, they never did a 1:72 version. Bare Metal Foil has some 1:72 sheets that might interest you:

http://www.bare-metal.com/decals_72/72-11.jpg has South Dakota ANG "LOBOS", Iowa "BATS", Florida ANG 125TH FG

http://www.bare-metal.com/decals_72/72-15.jpg has a 111 FS Texas ANG, "75th FIFTH ANNIVERSARY", 119 FG North Dakota "HAPPY HOOLIGANS", 127 FW Michigan ANG Commander's A/C, and a NASA F-16A

http://www.bare-metal.com/decals_72/72-29.jpg has Puerto Rico ANG 198th FS 50th Anniversary and Arizona ANG 162nd FW

http://www.bare-metal.com/decals_72/72-30.jpg has Virginia 328 FS and Washington DC 113 FW 50th Anniversary

http://www.bare-metal.com/decals_48/48-50.jpg has Oklahoma (Tulsa) 125st FS, Ohio 162nd FS, Illinois 170th TFS but it is only in 1:48

See all Bare Metal decals at http://www.bare-metal.com (no affiliation but they do make great decals - so do Two Bobs!!!)

Unread postPosted: 17 Oct 2003, 04:30
by jetmanf14
Thanks so much! I might look for some old ones, but I can do with those. Who knows, I can just go buy another F-16 but in 1/48 scale. Thanks again.

Unread postPosted: 17 Oct 2003, 15:16
by habu2
jetmanf14, if you want to do 1:48 check out my 1:48 kit summary here:



I am working on a companion 1:72 & 1:144 version.


Unread postPosted: 17 Oct 2003, 23:27
by jetmanf14
Thanks again for doing all this. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be 1:48 now.

Man I plan on this to be my best one, all others being F-14 Tomcats and a couple of P-51's.