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Stefaan Webmaster Webmaster

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Unread post05 Apr 2007, 19:30

We've set up an easy system to flag trouble posts or posters to moderators. There's a "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom of each post. Just click the link, leave a short comment if necessary, and we'll look into it!

You can report a post if
  • it violates <a href="">forum guidelines</a> or operations security
  • it contains foul language, personal attacks, is insulting, or doesn't follow common courtesy
  • any other issues

This will allow us to react more quickly to potential issues.

Thank you for helping us to keep the standards high on this forum!

Stefaan Vanhastel Webmaster.


Elite 1K

Elite 1K

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Unread post06 Apr 2007, 21:42

Thanks guys do very good work!

Scorpion1alpha Moderator Moderator

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Unread post07 Apr 2007, 03:04

Very happy to see this feature here.


Elite 3K

Elite 3K

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Unread post07 Apr 2007, 06:42

Great idea - makes it much more simple :thumb: !
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Forum Veteran

Forum Veteran

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Unread post11 Apr 2007, 23:48

Stefaan, you guys are always on the ball :thumb:
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