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Elite 3K

Elite 3K

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Unread post02 Sep 2011, 00:17

Hey all,

Please make sure when we post we do not do full copy/pastes of articles.
A link and a short quote is good. And... tell us what you think! The last part is what people come here for because there is a huge quantity of first-hand/industry knowledge.

Also, whatever you post in this forum has a good chance of showing up in Google News. The Google News web-bots are pretty aggressive with putting this forum in Google News.


1. No full copy/paste of articles. Post a link and a very small quote(s) as needed.
2. Tell us what YOU think when you post. A full copy/paste of a news article (unless you are the author) only is not what this forum is for.
3. If needed put the stock quote at the bottom of your forum post that what is said are your opinions and not that of the U.S. Government or whatever industry you work in.
4. Remember that when you start a new forum topic here, there is a good chance it will find its way into Google News. You can use that to a good advantage if you fancy yourself a good/informative writer.

There have been some complaints on the full/copy paste issue; so please help us out on this or the mods will have to remove posts wholesale when they see them.

Thanks for your cooperation in advance.
- ELP -


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Unread post02 Sep 2011, 00:32

Thanks ELP. I was getting a little tired of having so much block text on here that I already read somewhere else... I'm pretty sure enough of us lurk ARES that we don't need the full article.
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Unread post02 Sep 2011, 00:57

Thanks for the site guidelines clarification. Re: the F-35 wing-fix thread post, my apologies included. I did attempt to paste only what I felt to be the pertinent quotations from the article, but in considering it, I realize I could have and should have further reduced the quotes pasted from the original. I will be more attentive to this, and always ensure to emphasize it as my personal opinions and thoughts in relation to whichever blog, article or news story, found here on
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