F-35 Lightning II News

Two exceptional engines for F-35 Lightning II

April 2, 2007 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Chief Test Pilot Jon Beesley summoned the full might of the most powerful fighter engine in history as the F-35, aircraft AA-1, performed its first-ever afterburner takeoff on March 13th.

The General Electric - Rolls-Royce F136 engine [USAF photo]

A short takeoff roll was followed by a steep climb-out as the Pratt&Whitney F135 turbofan produced 40,000lb of thrust. In the 1.5-hour flight, the ninth, the F-35 continued to demonstrate high reliability and exceptional aerodynamic performance.

Another engine that will fly in an F-35 aircraft in 2010 is the GE Rolls-Royce F136.

The GE Rolls-Royce Fighter Engine Team has completed testing on the third build of the short take-off/vertical landing F136 engine. Test data collected will enhance engine modeling and software architecture development for follow-on risk reduction testing at the new short takeoff/vertical landing test facility at Peebles Test Operation in early 2008.

Additional images:

A Pratt & Whitney F135 flight test engine in full afterburner running at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, Texas. At 40,000 pounds of thrust, the F135 is the most powerful fighter engine ever built. [Pratt & Whitney photo]