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BVR Systems wins $2.7m F-16 MLU simulator contract

March 2, 2006 (by Lieven Dewitte) - The Israeli BVR Systems (1998) Ltd. today announced a contract valued at $2.7 million for the provision of F-16 MLU Improved Unit Line Trainer (IULT) for an international customer.

BAF F-16MLU cockpit simulator [VOX photo]

BVR's state-of-the-art F-16 IULT enables mission and tactical training and instruction of both new and experienced pilots. The simulator consists of the following major components: a single-seat F-16 MLU cockpit; an Instructor Operator Station; a visual display and image generation system; computational systems; BVR's synthetic tactical environment, which uses sophisticated Computer Generated Forces. During training exercises, pilots will be able to train air-to-air and air-to-ground combat scenarios in a highly saturated threat environment.

The F-16 MLU simulator may be networked to other simulation systems, thereby providing a distributed mission training capability. The training system will enable pilots to train on a vast range of operational tasks and emergency procedures.

BVR Systems' Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ilan Gillies, noted that this contract was awarded on the basis of BVR's continued success in the delivery of F-16 simulators to our continuously widening base of international customers. "We are very proud to have being awarded this F-16 MLU simulator contract, which brings to greater than ten (10) the number of different types of F-16 simulators BVR delivered to air force customers worldwide. We believe that the customer's decision reflects its confidence in BVR's unique capabilities and solutions."

"The design and architecture of the simulator is based upon BVR's proven experience in F-16 flight simulators accumulated over the past decade," continued Mr Gillies. "Following closely on from the award of the Israel Air Force F-16I sub-contract to Elbit in September 2005, BVR's position as a world leader in the supply of F-16 Distributed Mission Trainers continues to go from strength to strength."