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Pratt & Whitney celebrates 30th anniversary of first Production F100 engine

December 8, 2004 (by Lieven Dewitte) - In a brief ceremony today at Edwards Air Force Base in California, Pratt & Whitney celebrated the 30th anniversary of the delivery of the first production F100 engine.

An F100-PW-229 ready for installation into #89-2085 sitting in the "Hush House" at the 180FW, Ohio ANG, Toledo Express Airport ANGB. [Photo by Dennis Bixby]

The F100 powers all the world's in-service F-15 fighter aircraft and F-16 fighter aircraft in 21 countries. With more than 6,900 hundred engines produced and more than 16 million flight hours, the F100 engine is the safest and most reliable fighter jet engine in the world and a mainstay of air forces globally.

The F100 paved the way for the development of Pratt & Whitney's highly successful F119 engine family. The F119 powers the twin engine F/A-22 Raptor and an evolution of this engine will power the single engine F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.