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Human factors caused RSAF F-16 crash in Arizona

August 30, 2004 (by Lieven Dewitte) - The crash of the Singapore Air Force F-16 fighter jet in Arizona on May 18th was solely caused by human factors, an inquiry by the RSAF has found, ruling out negligence or foul play.

RSAF F-16C block 52 #97121, based at Luke Air Force Base for training purposes. [Sentry Aviation News photo by H.P.A.M. van Eupen]

Lieutenant Loo Kwang Han died after his F-16 crashed during a night sortie in Arizona.

Lieutenant Loo took off from Luke Air Force Base, where some of Singapore's F-16s are stationed. He was part of a formation of three F-16s taking part in a tactical intercept mission.

About 45 minutes into the flight contact with Lieutenant Loo was lost. He crashed about 90 nautical miles south of the base in rough desert terrain near the Mexican border.

The air force says the crash was solely due to human factors.

The board of inquiry says Lieutenant Loo may have lost consciousness or become disorientated because of the high G-forces he was experiencing. Hence he may not have been able to regain control of the fighter after flying upside down.

But it said the crash was not due to anyone's negligence or foul play.

Lieutenant Loo Kwang Han was 25-year-old and he had been a Viper driver since January 2003.

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