F-16 Fighting Falcon News

Luke AFB has new Commanding Officer

June 9, 2004 (by Jon Sommerville) - Brigadier General select Robin Rand took command of Luke Air Force Base on Tuesday June 8, 2004. Luke AFB is the USAF's largest Wing and will typically put out 900 pilots and 900 crew chiefs in a single year.

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Robin Rand is coming from the 8th FW at Kunsan Air Base, Korea so has experience in commanding F-16 units. Further to this Rand himself was an F-16 pilot who eventually became an instructor. Luke AFB is not unfamiliar as he was commander of the 56th OG in 2000 and 2001.

Luke's previous commander, Brigadier General Philip Breedlove is credited with helping to secure some of the land surrounding Luke AFB. The importance of this is prevention of houses and business building on the land close to the base, which could have resulted in the base being closed.

This credit was given during the change-of-command ceremony and will now move on to command the 31st FW at Aviano AB.