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 CMSgt. Öcal "Saitocal" Sait (Ret.)

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Name CMSgt. Öcal Sait (Ret.)
Unit 143 Filo "Öncel"
Crewing F-16s from 1994 until 2008
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My first Airplane was T-33 which I have worked on as crew-chief at flightline for nine years.It was a nice time with my friends during working in the west side of Turkey. Then I assigned to F-16 aircraft air base in east side of my country. Almost eight years working at phase shop as a maintenance technician was very hard but I gained too much experience on structure and mechanical sytems of airplane.

In 1994 I have been trained as a F-16 mechanic specialist. and I have worked on Block 30/40/50 at several squadrons and base operation as a crew-chief and superviser.

In 2001 I was assigned to be F-16 Mechanical systems Instructor in F-16 training center in Ankara. After teaching 6 years I graduated many Turkish Air Force and (UAE)United Arap Emirates mechanic and pilots.

In 2008 I was retired from Turkish Air Force (TUAF) .


Deny Flight -- Ghedi AB-ITALY
Red Flag -- Nellis AB- USA
NATO Air Meet-- Konya - TURKEY

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Unit 143 Filo "Öncel" [History]
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