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 MSgt. Cunard "Doc" Smith

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Name MSgt. Cunard Smith
Unit 526th Fighter Squadron "Black Knights"
Crewing F-16s from 1986 until 1989
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USAF-Tactical Acft Maint Specialist (F-16C, Ramstein, GE) 87 to 89,
USAF-Tactical Acft Maint Specialist (F-15C, Eglin, FL) 89 to 90,
USA-Wheeled Vehicle Repairer (FORSCOM, Ft. Lewis, WA) 96 to 99,
USA-Wheeled Vehicle Repairer (2d Inf Div, Cp Casey,ROK) 99 to 00,
USA-Wheeled Vehicle Repairer (1st COSCOM, Ft Bragg) 00 to 01,
USAF-Vehicle Maint Specialist (McGuire, NJ) 01 to 05,
USAF-Military Training Leader (Presidio of Monterey, CA) 05 to 09,
USAF-Vehicle Maint Specialist (Kunsan, ROK) 09 to present.


Decimomannu AB, Sardinia, Jun 1987
Zaragoza AB, Spain, Aug 1987
Sidi Slimane AB, Morocco (African Eagle) Dec 1987
Zaragoza AB, Spain, Aug 1988
Zaargoza AB, Spain, Oct 1988

My Jets & Assignments

85517 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 526th Fighter Squadron "Black Knights" [Unit History]
Period 1986 - 1987
Current: 85517  USAF 526 TFS F-16D Block 30 [w/o]
I had the last incentive flight in this aircraft in Zaragoza AB, Spain in 1987. It went down in France returning from our TDY on the very next flight after my incentive flight. The cause of the crash wasn't determined.
85410 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 526th Fighter Squadron "Black Knights" [Unit History]
Period 1987 - 1989
Current: 85410  USAF 457 FS F-16C Block 30 [act]
Earned "high flyer" award four months in calendar year 1988.
F-15 Eagle
Unit 59 AMU, 33 TFW, Eglin AFB, Florida
Period 1989 - 1990

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