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 Adj. Peter "Webbie" Nulens

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Name Adj. Peter Nulens
Unit 349th squadron "Mace"
Crewing F-16s from 1989 until 1998
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Website Home of the Belgian Air Component
Started work as an F-100 specialist in Kleine Brogel, did conversion to the professional Air Force and moved to 1 Fighter Wing @ Bevekom untill her last days 06 March 1996. Took of with half the F-16 fleet to Kleine Brogel.
In 1998 my aircraft crached @ Geebets with pilot Levicar of 23 Sqn. Pilot ejected safely and no collateral damage. Tail number FA 080.
The fault is presumed to be a crck in a hydraulical tube witch made the plane pitch and yaw uncontrollable.
After my CC carreer I started to work in the quality branch for about 10 years and also directivesmanager.
Current assignment. Staff COMOPSAIR - IPR (Evere Z) as webmanager of the Air Component and FONAVIBEL. and

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In my eyes they were (still are along with 350 Sqn) the finest aircrew (meaning no disrespect to other BAF Sqn.
I had the honor to fly a backseat F-16 and it was awsome! Respect for all fighterpilots!

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Unit 349th squadron "Mace" [History]
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