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 MSgt. Patrick "Big Sack" Kinney (Ret.)

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Name MSgt. Patrick Kinney (Ret.)
Unit 14th Fighter Squadron "Samurais"
Crewing F-16s from 1987 until 1991
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Joined the Air Force Sept 1981
1982 RAF Lakenheath England, 48 EMS, F-111 Inspection section
1984 Zaragoza Spain, 406 EMD TA Specialist
1987 Misawa Japan, 14th AMU F-16 Crew Chief
1991 RAF Lakenheath England, F-111, F-15E Crew Chief
1994 Kadena Japan, F-15 Crew Chief, ICT Program Manager, Hot Pit Program Manager
2000 Tyndall AFB Florida, F-15 Crew Chief, Aircraft Section Chief
2006 Retired

My Jets & Assignments

85570 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 14th Fighter Squadron "Samurais" [Unit History]
Period -
Current: QF-001  USAF 82 ATRS QF-16C Block 30 [des]
I picked up this aircraft with 17 hours on it. I was her first crew chief. We deployed to Thailand for Cobra Gold 1988. Boom operator shoved the boom through the nose of the aircraft. Put a metal plate over the hole and painted sharks teeth on it. One of two aircraft picked to perform a live bomb drop in Thailand for multi-national dignitaries. I crewed this aircraft for two years then she was transferred to Florida. I saw her picture on the cover of Airmans magazine once. So glad to see she is still flying.
87291 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 14th Fighter Squadron "Samurais" [Unit History]
Period 1989 - 1991
Current: 87291  USAF 119 FS F-16C Block 30 [act]
F-15 Eagle
Unit 44th FS, 2nd FS
Period -
F-15E Strike Eagle
Unit 494th FS
Period -

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Dan, Mar 10, 2012 - 04:29 AM

Hey Pat is that you from zab. I remember some crazy times in the tool crib and at the bars

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