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 TSgt. Paul "OGRE" Oglesby

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Name TSgt. Paul Oglesby
Unit 522nd Fighter Squadron "Fireballs"
Crewing F-16s from 1997 until 2008
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522 Phase @ Cannon
522FS @ Cannon
35th @ Kunsan
55th@ Shaw
79th @ Shaw
MTF Instructor @ Shaw
55th @ Shaw
EOR Super @ Shaw

Current or Favourite assignment

Tight knit group when I was there, we alwasy made sure we left no one behind, regardless how big an ass we acted nor how intoxicated we were



My Jets & Assignments

87330 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 522nd Fighter Squadron "Fireballs" [Unit History]
Period 1998 - 2001
Current: 87330  USAF 522 FS F-16C Block 30 [w/o]
IT Crashed!
Unit 35th Fighter Squadron "Pantons" [History]
Period 2001 - 2002
As usual, might have had a jet, but didnt put name on it because I got superstitous after the first one.
Unit 55th Fighter Squadron "Fightin' Fifty Fifth" [History]
Period 2002 - 2003
Really didnt have a single jet to care for, turned into maintenance biotch for all the hogs on the ramp...particularly "D" models.
91364 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 79th Fighter Squadron "Tigers" [Unit History]
Period 2003 - 2003
Current: 91364  USAF 77 FS F-16C Block 50 [act]
Got the Hanagar queen, definitely not putting my name on it after being down and in pieces for 90+ days. Flew code one out of Landing Gear rebuild, suposedly "mis-drilled" during initial building.
Unit 20 MOS
Period 2003 - 2006
MTF instructor
Unit 55th Fighter Squadron "Fightin' Fifty Fifth" [History]
Period 2006 - 2006
Unit 20 AMXS
Period 2006 -
EOR Super

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