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 Sgt.Maj. Joop "Hot Rod" van der Made (Ret.)

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Name Sgt.Maj. Joop van der Made (Ret.)
Unit 312th squadron "Bonzo"
Crewing F-16s from 1983 until 2018
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I followed a civil aeronautical engineer education at the Anthony Fokker School (in The Hague @ that time) therefore was selected to become a F-104G crewchief as a conscript. After my F-104G training I was stationed at 312sq at Volkel Airbase in Jan. 1982. The D-8318 became "my" Starfighter.
Later that year I was asked to stay in the Airforce, which I did. In the end of '83 I was send to the F-16 school and for the on the job training lend to 311sq. In 1984, 312sq started flying with the F-16 and in Jan.1985 the J-884 came at our squadron. I was the crewchief of her for the first 5 years in which she flew a total of 1250 hours. I never was assigned to a specific planes later. In '94 I was stationed 6 months in Italy for 'Deny Flight'. In '95 I became a temporary Flightchief but that lasted until 2001 when I got the rank for that function as well. Later I was stationed in Manas, Kyrgyzstan 2004, Kandahar, Afghanistan 2007, Masar e Sharif, Afghanistan 2013 and finally in Al Azraq, Jordanië 2015.
Training with the F-16 was not very convenient in Europe since the mid '80's so we had to go on foreign exercises in Canada (Goose Bay, Cold Lake), the USA (Hill afb, Nellis afb, El Centro), Spain (Zaragoza), Portugal (Montereal) , Norway (Ørland, Bodø) to name a few.

Current or Favourite assignment

312sq The best of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. I've been a member during 36,5 years, just 6 months less then my total involvement at the Airforce. Never regretted it.


Villafranca, Italy 1994 'Deny Flight'
Manas, Kyrgyzstan 2004, 'ISAF - Air Task Force'
Kandahar, Afghanistan 2007, 'ISAF - Air Task Force'
Masar e Sharif, Afghanistan 2013, 'ISAF - Air Task Force'
Al Azraq, Jordanië 2015. 'ATF ME'

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Unit 312th squadron "Bonzo" [History]
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