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 SSgt. Nehemiah "Nemo" Chambers (Ret.)

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Name SSgt. Nehemiah Chambers (Ret.)
Unit 53rd Wing
Crewing F-16s from 2001 until 2007
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Started my Air Force career working the stealth with the 9th AMXS, Flying Knights where I was the ADCC on 85-0830, SrA Barr was DCC. Great aircraft with minimal problems. Next up was Osan AB where 89-2139 was my bird and I was the DCC of. Finally back home to Eglin where I worked the test side of the base and 98-0004 "Balls 4" was my baby. Code 1 machine. Got out after my six years and went to the airlines where I have been ever since. Really enjoyed my service and made some great friends while I was in.


Kunsan AB with the 9th AMXS from Holloman AFB

My Jets & Assignments

98004 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 85th Test & Evaluation Squadron "Skulls" [Unit History]
Period 2006 - 2007
Current: 98004  USAF 85 TES F-16C Block 50 [act]
Spent my last year here at beautiful Eglin AFB and crewed 98-0004, fantastic jet and learned a lot working the test side.
89139 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 36th Fighter Squadron "Flying Fiends" [Unit History]
Period 2005 - 2006
Current: 89139  USAF 36 FS F-16C Block 40 [act]
Osan was quite an assignment. Participated in 5 or so readiness exercises. What a time it was launching and recovering aircraft in full MOPP gear. 89-2139 was a great aircraft while I crewed it.
F-117 Nighthawk
Unit USAF ACC - 49th Wing
Period 2001 - 2005
85-0830 was my aircraft while I was stationed at Holloman. Great aircraft and learned a lot working on the Stealth.

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