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Who dat?

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During WWII on a B-24 bombing mission, flying out of Cerignola, Italy toward our target for the day in Austria, during which radio silence was never violated, even though the Germans knew we were on the way, a lone voice suddenly broke that silence. "Who dat?!?!", the voice asked.

Silence, then, "Who dat who say Who dat?!?!' ".

Silence, then, "Who dat who say who dat, who say who dat?!?!.

Then, "Who dat who say who dat who say who dat?!?!"

Then a highly irritated, "SHUT UP!!!", obviously from our full Colonel Group Commander who was leading a bunch of young, fun loving lieutenant pilots.

Needless to say, the process was repeated a few minutes later, with the same "SHUT UP!!!!" order.

The violation was the first item to be covered at our post mission debriefing when we returned to the Base. But the total boredom and tension of the long flight to our target had been interrupted with a very relaxing interlude.

John Keneally

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