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Two navigators are walking down a hallway

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These two navigators are walking down a hallway in their squadron. One spies a vending machine that sells pilot wings.

"Dude, we can be pilots for only 75 cents a piece! Right on!"

The navs rip open their pockets, looking for money.

"I got a dollar, righteous!" says one nav.

"I've only got 50 cents." says the other. "Why don't you throw your dollar in, give me your change and then we both can be pilots?!"

"Sounds good" he says. He puts in the dollar and rips open the package, barely containing his joy. He centers his new shiny new wings on his chest and asks his buddy how he looks.

"Wow, you look cool! Can I have your quarter?"

"Fu#&k you nav!" He replies back

Submitted by Destro