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Slapped a seabee

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An airforce officer goes to heaven and at the gate Saint Peter asks him if he has ever done anything in his life that he believes makes him worthy of admittance to heaven.

The officer flyboy replies; yes, I once went into a bar with four of my pilot friends and saw two seabees harrassing a young girl at the bar, so being a gentleman I went up to the biggest one and told him to leave this young lady alone.

When he refused I told him again more forcefully. This time I slapped him across the face and told this seabee to stand down.

Saint Peter said this was a very good thing to do and asked when the pilot did this great act.

The pilot replied; about 5 minutes ago! My friends should be here shortly!

Note: The Seabees are the Construction Battalions of the United States Navy.

Submitted by Attila