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*Many* commercial aircraft are stacked up waiting for approach toO'Hare Int'l, ATC has inflicted numerous delays, and some planes are already 1-2 hours late. The WX is good, it's just that there is a traffic bottleneck somewhere. Pilots, passengers, crew are all getting quite frustrated and angry.

ATC: "All aircraft holding, expect 20 minutes additional delay."
Unknown A/C: "Ahhh ... bullshit!"
ATC: "Aircraft making last transmission, identify yourself."

ATC: "Aircraft making last transmission, identify yourself immediately!"

ATC: "Aircraft using 'bullshit' in last transmission, identify yourself. American 411, was that you?"
American 411: "Approach, American 411: negative on the 'bullshit,' sir."
NW 202: "Approach, NW 202: negative on the 'bullshit.'"
Delta 55: "Approach, Delta 55: negative on the 'bullshit.'"
NW 33: "Approach, NW 33: we have a negative on that 'bullshit.'"
...and so on, right through the entire pattern.

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