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F-16 Special Color Schemes in 2001

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Local S/N AF/Unit Aircraft Name Marked Date Details
J-143 RNlAF 315 sqn 85-0143 Unknown Details
Maple Leaf painted on the nose gear door.
ET-204 78-0204 Unknown Details
Tail logo for MLU conversion with the flags of all 5 participating countries.
91368 USAF 79 FS 91-0368 "Hammer Time" "363 TFW" Unknown Details
For the 10th anniversary of Desert Storm, this F-16 was painted like the 1991 Shaw boss bird with nose art, five mission markings.
91379 USAF 79 FS 91-0379 "79 FS" Unknown Details
Tail was painted with special markings for the 2001 Tiger meet of the America's.
10302 RTAF 103 sqn 86-0380 Unknown Details
Anniversary markings for 40,000 hours in 103 sqn.
89047 USAF 510 FS 89-2047 "Province of Trieste" Unknown Details
Carried special and mission marking but unknown from what campaign. Markings have been worn since atleast 2001 till 2005.
FA-47 BAF 1 sqn 80-3538 Feb 2001 Details
J-009 RNlAF 322 sqn 88-0009 May 2001 Details
'Caged parrot' sticker applied on the tail.
J-016 RNlAF 312 sqn 89-0016 May 2001 Details
Demo scheme for the 2001 & 2002 seasons.
FA-116 BAF 31 sqn 88-0041 May 2001 Details
Special scheme for the 2001 Tiger Meet.
J-510 RNlAF 312 sqn 87-0510 May 2001 Details
Tail sticker for 50 years of 312 sqn.
ET-613 RDAF Esk 726 80-3613 May 2001 Details
Still wearing Esk. 723 markings and a special Esk. 723 remembrance on the tail.
J-620 RNlAF 315 sqn 80-3620 May 2001 Details
Maple Flag logo applied on the tail.
J-630 RNlAF 311 sqn 80-3630 "ELT 'TURF' BOERENKOOL" May 2001 Details
Tail sticker for 50 years of 311 sqn.
FA-47 BAF 1 sqn 80-3538 Jun 2001 Details
Celebration scheme for the Florennes airshow in 2001.

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[act] Active [i/a] Instructional Airframe [sto] Stored (e.g. at AMARG)
[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available

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