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23 May 2006 [w/o] 93-0686 93-0686 TuAF 192 Filo F-16C Block 50 News Article Details
Collided with a HAF F-16 #514 over the Adriatic around 13.00h local about 12 miles off the coast of the Greek island of Karpathos. The pilot, Lt Halil Ibrahim Özdemir, ejected safely.
23 May 2006 [w/o] 514 99-1514 HAF 343 Mira F-16C Block 52 News Article Details
At 12:48h local, this aircraft suffered a mid-air with TuAF F-16C #93-0686 at 27,000 feet some 15km off the Greek island of Karpathos and consequently crashed some 21km off the coast of that island. Both were involved in a mock dogfight when one of the pilots made an error resulting in the collision. The Turkish pilot, 1st Lieutenant Halil Ibrahim Ozdemir ejected safely with only minor injuries, but the Greek pilot, Flight Lieutenant Konstantinos Iliakis, didn't survive this accident.
26 May 2006 [act] 84326 84-1326 USAF 302 FS F-16D Block 25D AIB Report Details
Due to a oxygen mask disfunction, the second pilot was cut from oxygen during the climb-out. He suffered severe hypoxia and died by this cause.
19 Jul 2006 [w/o] 489 00-1045 IDFAF 119 sqn F-16D Block 52 News Article Details
The aircraft crashed while taking off from an IDF base in the Negev desert as part of operations against targets in Lebanon. An initial report suggests that one of the jets tyres burst on take-off, causing instabilities to the jet which was loaded with armaments. The crew followed ejection procedures and the aircraft crashed without causing any injuries on the ground. Final conclusions indicated that the jet was equiped with standard C/D model tires, which aren't a complete match to this F-16 model.
19 Jul 2006 [w/o] J-363 84-1363 RNlAF 311 sqn F-16A Block 20 MLU News Article Details
This aircraft crashed over the Waddenzee near the island of Vlieland around 15:00 hours local.The pilot was able to eject and was subsequently rescued by an AB-412SP helicopter. The cause of the accident is currently unknown, but the investigations all point to a crack in the diffuser case causing an engine failure.
31 Aug 2006 [w/o] J-364 84-1364 RNlAF 312 sqn F-16A Block 20 MLU News Article Details
The aircraft crashed at around 7:00 am local time. The pilot, Kapitein-Vlieger Michael ‘Sofac’ Donkervoort, made a distress call but did not eject, and unfortunately did not survive.
Sep 2006 [act] 92455 92-0455 USAF 416 FLTS F-16B Block 15AR OCU Details
Right main gear wouldn't lock in the down position. After two hours spent working the problem pilot landed at Edwards AFB, California. The aircraft skidded down the runway with the right wing on the ground. Ultimately the aircraft stopped facing the opposite direction. Pilot was fine, no ejection was required. Exact date is unclear but was between the 10th and 16th of September. Will be repaired shortly.
11 Sep 2006 [w/o] 94-0087 94-0087 TuAF 191 Filo F-16C Block 50 News Article Details
The aircraft got into trouble over Evciler around noon local time. The pilot, 1st Lieutenant Ozgur Alagoz, ejected safely and was picked up by a rescue helicopter. Later accounts indicate that the pilot lost situational awareness going through clouds and put the aircraft into a dive. When exited the clouds pulled out bottoming out into some trees. The aircraft remained airborne but suffered FOD through the inlet damaging the engine and the pilot opted to eject.
14 Sep 2006 [w/o] 91337 91-0337 USAF 22 FS F-16C Block 50B News Article Details
The aircraft suffered a landing gear failure near Spangdahlem AB after hitting an antenna during a landing attempt. It ran out of fuel before the problem could be fixed and the pilot, 1st Lieutenant Trevor Merrell, executed a controlled bailout. The accident was caused by a visual illusion at Spangdahlem AB. The runway has an upslope, making the pilot think he is coming in too high, forcing him to take a lower approach, with all consequences.
21 Sep 2006 [act] 94047 94-0047 USAF 77 FS F-16C Block 50 News Article Details
Suffered a fire in the exhaust during take off from Shaw AFB and the pilot jettisoned the tanks over civilian land. The aircraft landed safely and was repaired.
21 Sep 2006 [w/o] J-068 87-0068 RNlAF 311 sqn F-16B Block 20 MLU News Article Details
The aircraft crashed around 15.15h local time at Volkel AB. The aircraft was practising touch-and-goes on the base as part of its regular training syllabus. During one of those manoeuvres the engine stalled after a birdstrike and both pilots had to bail out. The crash still occured on the base between a number of shelters. Both pilots ejected safely and there are no reports of injured people on the ground.
16 Oct 2006 [w/o] 93-0010 93-0010 TuAF 181 Filo F-16C Block 40P News Article Details
Crashed near Bitlis with the pilot, 1st Lt. Bahadır Şahin, being killed.
26 Oct 2006 [w/o] 84296 84-1296 USAF 62 FS F-16C Block 25E News Article Details
Experienced an engine fire during takeoff roll at Luke AFB, Arizona but aborted before lift off. Fire crews sprayed foam on the aircraft and the pilot was treated at the scene. Early reports said the pilot ejected, this turned out not to be the case as images from the scene show the canopy still in place. Early reports also incorrectly reported that the aircraft tookoff and returned to Luke AFB with an emergency landing. Excerpt from the crash report: "After being cleared for takeoff, Colonel Sherman taxied to the left side of the runway accompanied by Captain Cuadra on the right side. Upon ignition of the afterburner, Colonel Sherman heard an explosion and noticed that a fire had started on his aircraft. His wingman transmitted "Fire" on the radio and Colonel Sherman applied full brakes and initiated the appropriate critical action procedures to abort the takeoff due to fire and preparing to get out of the stopped, but burning aircraft. He was able to open the canopy and safely exit the F-16. Members of the Luke AFB fire department extinguished the aircraft fire". Cause was determined to be a failure of the 3rd stage when the disc fractured putting three holes in the airframe. The resulting fire burned the entire aft section of the aircraft.
17 Nov 2006 [act] 91471 91-0471 USAF 13 FS F-16D Block 50D News Article Details
Smoke filled the cockpit forcing the pilot to make an emergancy landing at Hakodate Airport at around 9:56 hours local. Pilot and aircraft are ok. The cause is still unknown.
27 Nov 2006 [w/o] 90776 90-0776 USAF 524 FS F-16C Block 40K News Article Details
Went down over Iraq north of Falluja in western Anbar province at 13:35 hours during a combat mission supporting ground forces. The official cause of the accident was "chanalized attention manifested by the pilots to maintain a constant visual positive identification of targeted enemy vehicles and subsequent target fixation on these vehicles while they were traveling at a high rate of speed". Unfortunately the pilot, Major Troy L. Gilbert of the 309th FS, was killed in this accident.

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Abbreviations and symbols:
[act] Active [i/a] Instructional Airframe [sto] Stored (e.g. at AMARG)
[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available

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