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18 Feb 1987 [act] 79377 79-0377 USAF 63 TFTS F-16A Block 10A Details
Aircraft crashed for the second time and was rebuilt again, and was called "Twice as Nice" from then on. Cause of mishap was a stuck throttle cable at 70% power. Incident happened at MacDill and the pilot landed the aircraft then ejected when he couldn't stop it. It then went off the end of the runway.
22 Mar 1987 [w/o] 83115 83-1115 USAF 13 TFS F-16A Block 15S Details
Pilot Captain Larry C. Owsowitz ejected safely and the aircraft hit the water 30 nm East of Hachinohe, Japan. Cause of crash was failure of the high pressure turbine.

"The cause of the crash was a failure of a spacer between the 13th stage rotor and stator at military power. The 13th stage rotor subsequently failed and punctured the engine case in several places. I attempted 3 restarts that were unsuccessful for obvious reasons." - Larry C. Owsowitz, Lt.Col. (ret)

The crash happened while the 432nd TFW was converting to the F-16C/D. As aircraft 85-1432 had been marked 432 TFW aircraft 83-1115 had it's Wing King markings removed to prevent any confusing between the two aircraft. The tail was salvaged from the ocean and later used for BDR training.
29 Apr 1987 [w/o] 85720 81-0918 PAF 14 sqn F-16A Block 15S Details
Shot down by Wing Commander Amjad Javed - mistakenly shooting down his wingman. Flight Lieutenant Shahid Sikandar Khan ejected safely.
21 May 1987 [w/o] 9316 81-0653 EAF 232 TFB F-16A Block 15F Details
22 Jun 1987 [w/o] 79385 79-0385 USAF 56 TTW F-16A Block 10A Details
The aircraft suffered from a stuck throttle incident. The stabs jumped during touchdown just as the engine flamed out. The aircraft went about 300 feet in the air and landed to the right of the runway. The pilot ejected safely.
23 Jun 1987 [w/o] 85424 85-1424 USAF 526 TFS F-16C Block 30 Details
Flew into the ground at Weselberg, Germany killing the pilot, 1st Lieutenant John Holmberg. This was near Ramstein AB.
24 Jul 1987 [w/o] 80597 80-0597 USAF FWS F-16A Block 15B Details
Collided with F-16A (82-0912) over Indian Springs, Nevada. Captain Alexander Rupp was sadly killed in the mishap.
24 Jul 1987 [w/o] 82912 82-0912 USAF FWS F-16A Block 15J Details
Collided with F-16A (80-0597) over Indian Springs, Nevada killing Major Michael J. Lotti.
25 Jul 1987 [w/o] 83149 83-1149 USAF 33 TFS F-16C Block 25B Details
Crashed somewhere in Jordan.
27 Aug 1987 [w/o] 85517 85-1517 USAF 526 TFS F-16D Block 30A Details
Hit the ground near Metz, France shortly after the two man crew ejected.
14 Sep 1987 [w/o] FA-63 80-3554 BAF 23 sqn F-16A Block 15F Details
Destroyed near Kleine Brogel, Belgium. Captain William Drieskens was killed in the accident. During a nightflight, while participating in exercise 'Cold Fire 87' the pilot notices a serious defect on the tailplanes. During the emergency landing at Kleine Brogel the pilot looses control and crashed.
15 Sep 1987 [w/o] 290 78-0290 RNoAF 338 skv F-16A Block 10A Details
Crashed near Froya, Norway. The pilot ejected safely.
16 Sep 1987 [w/o] 85399 85-1399 USAF 10 TFS F-16C Block 25F Details
Crashed between Gunzenhausen and Pleinfeld, Germany after an engine failure. The pilot ejected safely.
19 Sep 1987 [act] FA-31 78-0146 F-16A Block 10A Details
Collided with F-16A (FA-52, 80-3543) 30 km South-west of Limoges, France. The pilot, Captain Danny Faye, managed to make an emergency landing at Limoges. Aircraft was repaired
19 Sep 1987 [w/o] FA-52 80-3543 BAF 350 sqn F-16A Block 10D Details
Collided with F-16A (FA-31, 78-0146) 30 km South-west of Limoges, France. For Slt. Albert Jonnart the collision was fatal. The tail section was ripped off and the aircraft automatically climbed to 5,000 ft. Did the pilot try to eject? Fact is that the ejection seat was activated upon impact with the ground and only at that moment the pilot was seperated from his seat. The pilot of the other aicraft, Danny Faye, managed to make an emergency landing at Limoges.

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Abbreviations and symbols:
[act] Active [i/a] Instructional Airframe [sto] Stored (e.g. at AMARG)
[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available

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