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12 Feb 2018 [sto] J-369 84-1369 USAF 148 FS F-16B Block 20 MLU Newsarticle Details
During an exercise the aircraft hit a power line. It was damaged, but able to land safely.
13 Jul 1995 [act] J-137 85-0137 RNlAF 311 sqn F-16A Block 15X Details
19 Sep 1996 [act] J-139 85-0139 RNlAF 323 sqn F-16A Block 15X Details
Collided in a mid-air with a Sea Harrier FA.2 (ZD580/'710') from the Royal Navy off the Dorset coast over the English Channel near Portland. Both aircraft recovered safely at Yeovilton. Damage caused to the F-16 was loss of a part of the port stabiliser, and the Harrier lost its radome. The F-16 was repaired. Both aircraft went to the FSAU at Yeovilton for investigation where the F-16 stayed for a couple weeks. The Royal Navy Sea harrier was at Yeovilton till October 22nd, 1996 before being moved to RAF St Athan were it was in storage. In September of 2001 it was taken BAE Systems Warton for repair assessment. The Harrier was decided not to be repaired and went back into storage at RAF St Athan and was sold to a private dealer in September of 2002.
21 May 1998 [scr] J-140 85-0140 F-16A Block 15X Details
While on a low-level flight from Goose Bay, Newfoundland, the aircraft hit trees. The aircraft was able to fly back to base safely. Damage was extensive with the loss of its nose cone and one of its underwing tanks. An inspection of the aircraft deemed it unrepairable.
18 Nov 1993 [act] J-143 85-0143 RNlAF 314 sqn F-16A Block 15Y OCU Details
Damaged and repaired
15 Jun 2008 [act] J-144 85-0144 RNlAF 323 sqn F-16A Block 20 MLU News Article Details
Damaged in an aborted take-off from Kandahar airfield, Afghanistan for an ISAF mission. The pilot stayed with the aircraft which engaged the barrier at the end of the runway. The pilot was fine.
11 Feb 1992 [w/o] J-054 86-0054 RNlAF 315 sqn F-16A Block 15Y OCU Details
Crashed into an occupied area of Hengelo, Netherlands. Fortunately there were no injures and the pilot, 1st Lt. T.Saft, ejected safely. Shortly after takeoff, there were engine problems which resulted in the crash.
19 Apr 1989 [w/o] J-056 86-0056 RNlAF 315 sqn F-16A Block 15AA OCU Details
Crashed near Javinque, Belgium due to an engine failure. The pilot ejected safely.
22 Dec 1999 [w/o] J-059 86-0059 RNlAF 315 sqn F-16A Block 20 MLU Details
Collided in mid-air with a civilian PA-28-140 Cherokee (PH-BLY) close to Hoeven, Netherlands. Both the instructor and student in the Cherokee were killed. A female pilot in the F-16, Lieutenant Lonneke Maes, ejected with minor burns due to the collision. It was the first loss of a Dutch MLU F-16
13 Oct 2000 [act] J-062 86-0062 RNlAF 322 sqn F-16A Block 20 MLU Details
Made an emergency landing at NAS Valkenburg after a bird strike. The pilot was fine and did not need to eject. The aircraft was repaired
18 May 2006 [act] J-064 86-0064 RNlAF 312 sqn F-16B Block 20 MLU News Article Details
The F-16 with callsign 'Spider21' was making an IF-Test flight out of Volkel AB. During the Radar Guided Simulated Flame-out (SFO) approach at Leeuwarden AB they hit the runway pretty hard. Before the landing an accompagnying F-16 saw that the gear was twisted about 20/30 degrees. Despite the twisted gear the crew decided to land at Leeuwarden AB using a visual straight in approach. After touching the runway the twisted gear collapsed and the F-16 came to a quick stop by it's dragchute. Both pilots escaped without injuries. It is still unclear what the exact damage is to the jet, but it will probably be repaired.
20 Jan 2003 [act] J-066 87-0066 RNlAF Test Group F-16B Block 20 MLU Details
Nosewheel departed aircraft while landing at night at Leeuwarden after a night mission. Aircraft will be repaired.
Dec 2005 [act] J-066 87-0066 RNlAF Test Group F-16B Block 20 MLU Details
An activist entered Woensdrecht AB and damaged the aircraft extensively.
21 Sep 2006 [w/o] J-068 87-0068 RNlAF 311 sqn F-16B Block 20 MLU News Article Details
The aircraft crashed around 15.15h local time at Volkel AB. The aircraft was practising touch-and-goes on the base as part of its regular training syllabus. During one of those manoeuvres the engine stalled after a birdstrike and both pilots had to bail out. The crash still occured on the base between a number of shelters. Both pilots ejected safely and there are no reports of injured people on the ground.
21 Nov 1990 [w/o] J-710 87-0710 RNlAF 315 sqn F-16A Block 15AE OCU Details
Crashed in Coevorden which is near Dalerpeel, Netherlands. The pilot, Maarten ''Puke'' Pladet, ejected safely. The loss was attributed to a flight control problem

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[act] Active [i/a] Instructional Airframe [sto] Stored (e.g. at AMARG)
[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available

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