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Local S/N AF/Unit Aircraft Name Marked Date Details
88495 USAF 4 TFS 88-0495 27 Feb 1991 Details
Shrapnell Viper

Probably an SA-8 exploded near the left external tank area. Fragments from the SAM hit the lower left side of the intake, including right through the intake. The left wing had a 2x3 inch hole and the main wing root had damage underneith. Stabilizers were peppered as well as the exhaust tail feathers. Part of the radome was also sheared off, but that damage was done during the crash landing at Rafha, Saudi Arabia when the nose gear would not extend. Major Ed 'Spot' Schumacher was a pilot who was visiting from the Fighter Weapons School and had deployed to Desert Storm with the 4th TFS. The aircraft returned to Hill AFB in a crate from Dahrain AB.
88550 USAF 555 FS 88-0550 01 May 1999 Details
Lost over Serbia

Lost over Serbia near Nakucani during operation Allied Force due to engine failure, which was caused by a nearby SA-3 explosion. The pilot, Lt. Col. David Goldfein, ejected safely and was rescued by helicopter. The tail is on display in the Museum of Warplanes in Belgrade, Serbia.
89119 USAF 34 FS 89-2119 Jan 2010 Details
Fourty Consecutive Code 1 Combat Missions

Noteworthy for flying 40 consecutive combat sorties code 1. The aircraft reached 30 consecutive flights on March 23rd, 2010 (pictured). After its 40th flight code 1 the aircraft returned with two problems on March 30th.
89137 USAF 526 FS 89-2137 Feb 1994 Details
Triple Killer

Scored three kills in one mission over Bosnia on February 28th, 1994 - one with an AIM-120 AMRAAM and two with AIM-9M's. Three kill markings were added but quickly removed after just one day. The kill markings were later re-added by the 510th FS but as 3 green stars.
90718 USAF 18 FS 90-0718 06 Feb 2003 Details
Snow slide

Jumped the chocks during a hot oil servicing run at Eielson AFB, Alaska and slid 400ft sideways across the ramp on hard packed snow. The aircraft ended up in a balancing act on its nose and starboard wing on the ground and port landing gear in the air. The aircraft was fixed, although there was extensive damage. A ground crew member in the cockpit was fine. A few years later, the aircraft ended up in the exact same position after being tipped over by the engine exhaust of a taxying B-1B.
90778 USAF 33 FS 90-0778 Mar 1993 Details
MiG-25 Killer

The only F-16 to shoot down a MiG-25. The MiG-25 kill marking was placed on the left side just below the canopy frame to mark that kill of December 27, 1992. At the time of the kill the aircraft was part of the 19th FS but on loan to the 33rd FS. Gary North, the commander of the 33rd FS and the pilot on that day had the authority to have the aircraft transfered to the 33rd FS after returning from the deployment. Crew Chief Roy Murray launched the aircraft that day: "On 27 Dec 1992 I launched "Benji 41" for a combat mission from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The only reason for it flying the combat mission (4 Hours) that day was to take flying hours off it so it could go in for a phase inspection. Most of its flight time during Operation Southern Watch was (FAM) rides for in coming pilots and VIP's, being the only D model. The canopy was so bad that Lt. Col North (at that time) stated "it was like landing with a paper bag on your head. HA! The family bus still got the job done that day. I also remember a reporter asking Lt. Col North why he did not use the cheaper missile, his come back was great; he stated if you were in a fight and had a knife and a gun, which one would you use. We painted the star and a blue tail on it while it was in phase, because it was on loan from the 19th FS at the time, then it became a 33rd FS aircraft. I stayed as the Crew Chief of 778 when we returned to Shaw, AFB and then transferred out with it to Luke AFB, AZ. I took my retirement flight in 90-0778 and launched Gen. North one more time when he came through Luke. I do miss those days!
91353 USAF 77 FS 91-0353 "Lets Roll" Apr 2004 Details
USAF MiG Killer

This F-16C shot down a MiG-29 in Operation Allied Force on May 4th, 1999. The kill marking has moved several times and changed colors repeatedly. The jet also wore five HARM markings which were removed shortly after returning home. In early 2004 a 'Lets Roll' decal/nose art was added.
91401 USAF 389 FS 91-0401 "We'll Take it From Here" Nov 2001 Details
Ground Zero

Wore 13 mission markings and 4 HARM markings for Operation Enduring Freedom. The nose art is of a fireman at ground zero reaching for a soldier and large american flag.The art work is by TSgt. Robbie Leist and SSgt. Chad Marks. However, the 389 did not fire any Harms during OEF, so the HARM markings are from previous OSW deployments.
401 00-1001 Unknown Details
F-16I Sufa / Storm

The first new F-16I 'Sufa' (Storm) for the Israeli Air Force. The F-16I features a dorsal spine, CFTs, and distributed RWR's, along with improved avionics. This aircraft is armed with AMRAAM's, Python 4, and LGB's - the gun is covered with a panel. It's also equipped with two 600gal drop tanks and LANTIRN pods.
3001 00-6056 Unknown Details
First Block 60

The first of the advanced block 60 F-16s, specifically built for the United Arab Emirates Air Force. The aircraft features Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs), and a dorsal spine with a completely different set of avionics than a 'standard' F-16 making it the most advanced F-16 type developed so far. The jet wore civil registration N161LM for the first flight.

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[act] Active [i/a] Instructional Airframe [sto] Stored (e.g. at AMARG)
[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available

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