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Local S/N AF/Unit Aircraft Name Marked Date Details
84386 USAF 496 TFS 84-1386 "DANCING DEBI" 02 May 1986 Details
83145 USAF 17 TFS 83-1145 "Death Dealer" Jan 1991 Details
Flew 47 missions in Desert Storm.
86357 USAF 188 FS 86-0357 "Dedicated to ALL..." 29 Oct 2007 Details
Similar art work was also applied to 87-0328 during the last OIF deployment in 2004. One bomb marking was applied to the nose. Looks like a JDAM.
87328 USAF 188 FS 87-0328 "Dedicated to..." Sep 2004 Details
Nose art text reads: "Dedicated to All New Mexican Men & Women Who Have Given Their Lives in Support of OIF / 150th FW, NMANG, Balad AB, Iraq, 2004" and was applied towards the end of the deployment. Nose art was applied by Sean Hampton just prior to returning home. Very similar art was applied to 188th FS F-16C 86-0357 during their 2008 deployment to OIF.
85471 USAF 121 FS 85-1471 "Deep..." Unknown Details
80561 USAF 169 FS 80-0561 "Defenders of Freedom" Jul 1992 Details
87252 USAF 176 FS 87-0252 "DeForest" Unknown Details
83144 USAF 33 TFS 83-1144 "Desert Fox" Jan 1991 Details
Flew 54 missions in Desert Storm.
85419 USAF 33 TFS 85-1419 "Desert Shield" "363 TFW" Jan 1991 Details
Flew 57 missions in Desert Storm. When the 363rd TFW returned home from Desert Storm in March of 1991 four aircraft kept their nose art for the Shaw AFB open house. The other three aircraft were with nose art: "Sweet . . . But Deadly", "Code One Candy", and "Hammer Time" which Warren Trask touched up before the show. All nose art but "Hammer Time" was removed right after the air show.
84257 USAF 17 TFS 84-1257 "Desert Storm" Jan 1991 Details
Flew 49 missions in Desert Storm. Nose art is of a weather map with Iraq and a hurricane storm.
85471 USAF 121 FS 85-1471 "Dominus Vobiscum" "113 FW" Mar 1994 Details
85494 USAF 107 FS 85-1494 "Don't make me Angry!!" Feb 2004 Details
Wore 9 GBU, 1 JDAM mission marking and 3 gun strafing markings.
83147 USAF 111 FS 83-1147 "Don't mess with Texas" "147 FW" Sep 1996 Details
Nose art in a very strange spot, located under the cockpit forward of the intake lip. Nose art faces straight down and only a bit can be seen from the side. It is a playing card, the ace of diamonds. The reason for this location is that the 111th FS were the 'Ace in the Hole'. The ace looks like it is coming out of the hole - aka intake.
85569 USAF 174 FS 85-1569 "Double Barrel" Unknown Details
Escorted Air Force One from Offut AFB to Washington DC on the afternoon of September 11, 2001.
84227 USAF 457 FS 84-1227 "Double Deuce" 01 Feb 1992 Details

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[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
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